Credit despite bank rejection

Banks are becoming more cautious about granting a loan. The customer goes to the bank with hope, with well-founded arguments and a precise plan in mind, and must then find that the bank rejects the loan application. Sometimes this procedure seems more than arbitrary, but in many cases it is the case that there is a negative Credit bureau entry that the customer himself did not even know about.

Look for alternatives

Look for alternatives

Many people are now inclined to stick their heads in the sand and just let the project stay. But there is also a loan despite bank refusal. At first, the loan seeker can try another bank, but since the institutes work very closely together, he will often be unlucky here.

He can find a loan despite bank refusal on the Internet. There are a number of institutions that offer a loan without a Credit bureau query. Of course, the institutes also differ from each other here and even with a loan, despite bank refusal, you should pay close attention to the prices and costs.

What are the requirements?

What are the requirements?

Even a loan despite bank refusal is subject to very specific requirements, because every institution wants its money back and that’s why they play it safe. First of all, the security of a permanent job and a regular income must be ensured. This is through suitable documents, i.e. the pay slips of at least the last two months in connection with an account statement.

In addition to the presentation of valid identification documents, only self-disclosure is required. Here, the loan seeker must disclose exactly his financial circumstances. The income and the expenditure are listed exactly. It quickly becomes clear whether he can afford this loan at all. Apart from these documents, there are no further submissions.

There is no need to provide proof of existing loans, nor is there any demand from Credit bureau or in any other way. It is worth noting at this point that the amount of the loan is limited. As a rule, only 3500 USD are paid out.

Of course, the lending rate is also a little higher, because the greater risk that the bank takes can of course be paid in this way. Due to the simple procedure and the uncomplicated processing, this loan is a viable way for many people to get a loan despite the bank refusal.

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